TO REGISTER Technomad Military PA Products:

Please fill out the short form below, and click the "Send" button at the bottom of the screen. You might have to scroll down to see this button. We will respond to your request promptly!

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If you have ANY problems using this form, please Email Us with your request,
or call 800.464.7757 x 610 (International 617.275.8898 x 710)

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Please provide your NON-military email if you have one, i.e. ''. This is a useful backup way to reach you.
IF INTERNATIONAL,please give the number
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Product Information:
This is the most imporant part of the registration!

We need the product name and serial numbers for EVERY product you are registering,
i.e. "Pismo loudspeaker, s/n 1398".
Note that loudspeakers have a serial number plate near one handle, and 'control racks' (19" flight case) of a PA system also have an external serial number plate. DO NOT provide serial numbers for the internal electronics of the rack (i.e. amplifier, mixer, etc).

WE ALSO NEED TO KNOW how you are using the gear
i.e. a training system? force protection? base-wide PA?

Please AlsoTell US
if you experiencing any problems or have operational questions

How did you purchase your Technomad gear? i.e., base contracting, got the gear from a previous unit, etc?